Get to Know the Strategy Developer

Luca Facchini

Luca Facchini is recognized by his professional peers in the USA and overseas, for challenging common assumptions, developing innovative ideas, systems and methodology for optimizing and trading buy/sell signals in a variety of markets and financial instruments. Luca worked as a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor), futures and option broker, system developer, prop trader and market analyst. Due to his professional background Luca has expertise in brokerage management, risk control, complex order placement (options and futures spreads), and trading advisory.

Luca is also a published author and speaker on the topics of stocks, options, futures, forex and commodities. He is adept to understand the detailed mechanics of the financial products and the markets in which they are traded, in order to determine the relevant risk and reward factors and appropriate ways to model them. Luca used his professional experiences as a broker, trader and analyst to develop all of his trading programs.

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Over 20 Years Trading Experience

Over the years, Luca learned from the mistakes his clients made and other so called “gurus”. He created, tested and analyzed hundreds of systems and methods from Market Profile to spread trading and complex options strategies.

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In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Luca has a vast knowledge of the industry. He was a broker for 15 years, as well as a CTA. He knows the “reality” of trading and how difficult it is to produce positive results. He has created, tested and analyzed hundreds of systems and methods.

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Perfecting Every Trade

Luca is a perfectionist to the core and he strives to create robust systems that are 110% tested before going live or releasing them to the public.