Nasdaq Kings Program

  • The Nasdaq Kings is an investment program that trades twice a month: the 15th of each month and the last trading day of the month. The system will suggest the best 3 Nasdaq stocks to trade out of the Nasdaq100 Index components. The selection of these 3 new stocks is generated by an algorithm that analyzes the performance of all the Nasdaq stocks and selects only the best candidates for the following two weeks. 
  • The new orders should be placed the day after the rebalance days at the opening of the Wall Street session. If one of those days is unavailable (holidays or weekends) the trades will be placed on the first available trading day. 
  • The trader will receive an email with the order that will specify the new portfolio for the next two-week period. Sometimes one stock for the previous period can be present in the new rebalanced portfolio. If that is the case, then only 2 new stocks will be added to the portfolio. Usually, there will be an order to close the 3 previous stocks at the open of the trading session and an order to open the 3 stocks of the new allocation resulting in a new rebalanced portfolio. 
  • The minimum capital suggested for this program is $10,000. All the calculations for the number of shares of any new portfolio for the new rebalance will be based on this amount of capital ($10,000 / 3= numbers of shares per stock to purchase).
  • Aggressive and more experienced traders and investors can utilize margin trading. Usually, the buying power is 1 to 2 but each broker will have their own definition and limits regarding margin trading. Trading on margin has more risk because you are leveraged and there are interests to pay on the capital that is borrowed. The plus side is the potential for much higher returns compared to a cash account.
  • Also, an aggressive and more experienced trader could also choose to trade call options (or any other bullish options strategy) instead of the outright shares. In order to avoid the time decay factor, it is suggested to choose options that are out at least one month and ideally two months before expiration.