A quantitative strategy is designed to take advantage of modern technology, mathematics and statistical analysis. A computer program will generate all the trading activity without human intervention.

Quantitative trading can be applied to many different trading styles. However, the main advantage of quantitative trading is the fact that the trader can rely on past performances (even if just theoretical) and statistical reports, compared to the discretionary trader that has usually a very limited sample of trades for his/her trading system. It’s true that emotional trading is often the downfall of many traders (even systematic traders), but the single greatest advantage of algorithmic trading is its removal of emotion from the process.

If you get emotional during trading, quantitative trading is probably for you because the decision of when to enter and when to exit a trade is done by the program and executed by the computer and not by a trader. The number one reason why traders lose money is the lack of discipline in respecting the stop loss (a small loss becomes a huge one) and when to take profits (taking profits too early is also a common mistake for beginners).

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Portfolio Diversification

We offer the opportunity to diversify a client’s portfolio by using non-correlated quantitative strategies on all the major financial markets such as: Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Nasdaq, S&P500, Dow, Euro, Yen and many more. The modern investor should diversify his portfolio by using several trading programs with different trading approaches. The goals are to reduced the total risk by lowering the drawdown and/or increase the return.

The potential advantages of a well-balanced portfolio include:

Potential to decrease overall portfolio risk, improve overall portfolio return and profit in a variety of market environments within different economic conditions.

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Risk Control And Money Management

One of the greatest advantages of quantitative strategies is their risk mitigation obtained by keeping the stop losses and the risk control fully automatic. One of the objectives of a good quantitative program is to cover in a systematic way all the different possible scenarios that could unfold on the markets. Good profits are often a byproduct of good risk management.

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A Professional Approach

We constantly evaluate every possible quantitative approach to the market and after extensive testing, we decide which logic to apply to our systems based on the current market conditions. Maneuvering through the market is full of perils, where few individuals attain consistent profits. The majority are left with nothing to show for their work. Let us help you not only avoid the pitfalls that many encounter, let us also help you achieve success. Through our combined solid trading experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of the latest industry trends and quantitative-statistical models, we offer progressive and unique trading solutions for the modern investor.

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What Clients Are Saying

My name is Richard; I am 60 years old, and work as an electrician in the Chicago area. Over the last 30+ years, I have probably spent in excess of $100,000 on investment/trading programs. You name it and I probably tried it….About 4 months ago..they explained one of the various programs they offer and asked me a number of questions to see if this program would fit in with my financial goals. I realized that this program is exactly what I have been looking for over the last 30+ years! Well, needless to say, I took the plunge and joined the program….In just under 4 months, my account is up almost 25%! What a great feeling it is to finally be making money on my trading.
Richard H

Luca Facchini Breaks Down a Crude Oil Trade

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