MicroFutures Advantage

Why Micro Futures are the Ideal Instrument for Small Account Diversification:

There are several reasons to consider adding Micro Futures trading to your strategy portfolio:

  • Smaller margins. Micro Futures contracts are 1/10th the size of a full futures contract. That means margins are 90% lower! This allows you to cover multiple markets with a relatively low account balance.
  • Multiple markets. Since the margin requirements are low, you are able to cover several key markets. This reduces overall account risk.
  • Non-correlated markets. Prices on stocks, commodities, currencies and interest rates move in different ways. When you trade non-correlated markets, your equity curve is smoother.
  • Hedging advantages. Positions in stocks and equity options are subject to losses when the market moves against you. Futures trading provides a hedge against this kind of adverse move.

The CME currently offers Micro Futures on the following markets: Gold (the first Micro)- Silver– ES – NQ-YM-RTY- Euro- Yen plus a few other contracts but the above are the most liquid and better suited for trading at this moment.

First ever Micro Futures Portfolio offered to the general public.

  • Opportunity to diversify a traditional portfolio with an alternative investment portfolio for a very reasonable small investment.
  • The Micro Portfolio is composed of five different markets and six systems with different logics and time frames. Specifically, there are five day-trading systems (ES, NQ, GC, YM and RTY) and one swing system (NQ).
  • Systems are built and tested for robustness by a professional. 
  • They run on the servers of a regulated broker for the best execution and are in auto-execution.
  • Portfolio Minimum. $7,000 – $10,000 to cover the contract size and allow cushion within the account.
  • Average Monthly trades could be 30 on average

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MicroFutures Advantage performance summary
MicroFutures Advantage performance summary
MicroFutures Advantage periodical returns
MicroFutures Advantage periodical returns
MicroFutures Advantage daily equity
MicroFutures Advantage daily equity